Monday, September 29, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today, my new camcorder arrived. A Sony HDR-HC9. And so it begins. My friend and co-producer Johan Kronlund is in Greece for a week. So we've put the studio sessions on hold and will pick it up this weekend. Which is good, cause I'll get a chance to really check it out and learn how to use the camera. This whole filming buisness is kind of making me a bit nervous. I've never done anything like i before. Hopefully it'll work out fine. I'm throwing a party this friday. I guess that would be a good thing to start off the film with!

Here's a list of songs we are recording for the third album:

1. Welcome to Stalingrad
2. Last Year in Marienbad
3. One Kiss
4. Click Click
5. Dancing Shoes
6. 10 years ago, 10 years from now
7. Unknown Pleasures
8. The Stares of The House That Haunted This Town
9. My Valentine
10. Anything can happen in California
11. Do You Remember Annabelle?
12. I Love You Annie

Looks good.
/ M


Wilochka said...

oooh pretty! and 1080i :o

Rikard said...

Dare one chance a guess that "Do You Remember Annabelle?" has a fleeting link with "Surprised"? I could also dare that "My Valentine" is a Timo Räisänen-cover, but that seems somehow slightly unlikely.

Still, as far as tracklists go; top notch!

Montt Mardié said...

Concerning "Surprised" you are correct sir! Does Timo Räisänen have a song called "My Valentine"? I've never listened to him much. The one song I've heard and kind of liked he sang something 'bout a "darkness child" or something like that...