Sunday, September 21, 2008

Insomnia, 25 and David Sedaris

I can't sleep. It's 5.29 and I can't sleep. I close my eyes and a reel of thousand thoughts start spinning. So I read. I read David Sedaris' "When You are Engulfed In Flames" and I cry. I'm 25 now. I turned 25 last week. The early twentys are gone forever.

I've started to record another album. Krille Eriksson just laid down the guitar tracks for a beautiful number entitled "Elisabeth by the Piano". I'm sure it'll be one of my favorites. I also just finished writing my very own "Walking on Sunshine", I named i "Welcome to Stalingrad". Wonderful.

People keep telling me that if I want this whole blog thing to work I need to update twice each day, instad of once a month. Well, we'll see.

Don't fall asleep.
/ M


kevin (ru) said...

Monty, happy birthday and all the best from the land of Stalingrad and Majakovskij!

Montt Mardié said...

Thank you Kevin! I actually name drop Majakovskij in the song. / Monty

jonathan said...

Happy Birthday! A quarter of a century is quite a milestone.

Did that "Introducing..." CD ever come out? I was hoping to snag one.

Come to Detroit, please.


Montt Mardié said...

Jonathan! I think "Introducing..." will come out in Dec08/Jan09. My UK record lable just fired the PR company that would handle the release, so we had to postpone it. But fear not, it will be released and it will be awsum ;) / M

DaveMahler said...

monty, i reckon you should call the album "Welcome to Stalingrad", i really like that!