Thursday, October 2, 2008

Red and yellow and it's getting colder

I'm listening to a terrific audiobook right now. The Lurker at the Threshold by H.P. Lovecraft. Beautiful and dark. Outside my window, trees are turning red and yellow and it's getting colder and colder out there. I love autumn. Soon winter will sweep in and ruin it, but right now it's almost heartbreaking.
Soon I'll be finished with all the lyrics for the new album. For some reason they are all quite nostalgic. I've gotten a few very good suggestions for the album title so far. A lot of fun. Keep them coming!
/ M


LMS said...

Add a little David Rackoff to your reading list. After David Sedaris he's my second favorite gay man named David.

Montt MardiƩ said...

I will. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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