Monday, October 6, 2008

The party that lasted for 50 years

This weekend was great. Friday evening, we set up drums in the studio and Saturday morning we started to record the drum track for "I Love You Annie". It sounds really cool. Saturday evening we had a party, celibrating that both me and Linda are turning 25 this year. It was an amazing event. Unfortunately I forgot to pick up my camcorder. Oh well, the film will just have to start in some other way. Sunday morning, with an enormous hangover, we were in the studio again, recording drum tracks for "Welcome to Stalingrad", "Click Click" and "One Kiss". Tonight we'll continue. I'm really exited 'bout the new songs. In my mind the whole album will sound like a 50 minute version of "Walking on Sunshine". Well, maybe not the entire album, but a big part of it! Now I'm gonna have breakfast and watch the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter. Then I'll work on some lyrics. Stay sweet.
/ M


Wilochka said...

i cannot WAIT for the new album! :D

Stefan Pellegrino said...

i cannot WAIT for the new album! :D