Monday, November 24, 2008

An Update and Cream Team

Go to to know what's what!
Also, here's an updated list of the songs we're recording right now:

1. Welcome to Stalingrad
2. One Kiss
3. Last Year in Marienbad
4. Click Click
5. Dancing Shoes
6. Elisabeth By The Piano
7. Unknown Pleasures
8. The Stares of The House That Haunted This Town
9. TBA
10. Dungeons & Dragons
11. A Wedding In June
12. I Love You Annie

/ M


V said...

Oh thank you, I'm glad you liked what I wrote.

Can't wait for the new album!


jonathan said...

I look forward to the new album!

I was given an advanced copy of the "Introducing..." CD and it's beautiful. It's missing a couple of my favorites, but it is a pretty solid record. I hope you make a million.


Stratos Bacalis said...

Cannot wait!

Wilochka said...

verrrry excited about the new album :D